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grand teton national park, wyoming (2017)

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you did not know you needed this picrew! create your own version of lo-fi chill beats to study to...

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changed my pfp to my dnd oc norlen, it was a commission by harveytxt. my baby so cute and round and cuddly 🥺

I'm playing my first D&D game today!

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photo study not sure if i like it but thats kind of always my stance on anything i draw

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Nobody bother me for a moment I'm turning into a mushroom

I invented a language for my DND campaign, it's my first one and I got a little excited

Example phrases:

  • He teaches them = Nu nae nae’rla

  • She is going/will go to town = Nu puu tu

  • We love good food = Pami si mae aedzi

  • It is near the cliff = Nu rliya shu ha

  • We should make a fire = Pami humaetiku daki dika

  • The person sees the big animals = Tisha dae mi yuat shu

  • I have a dog = Pa huzj rlu

  • They can find the item = Nae iya ae tsamae

  • How did you know which person it was? = Tsae na haeda tisha dzukuae?

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this room is not for eating

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oooh this has such an ambiance,, v neat to look at...def feel like theres story here

riding into 2020 on this bad boy

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Botaniska Trädgården, Göteborg - 10.07.19

I haven't drawn in months but I've still got it :D

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Målsryd - 23.07.19

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For anybody celebrating the start of Pride Month tomorrow

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Please, don't forget our roots.

Marsha P. Johnson was a black trans woman who fought for our freedom to live. We must stand with #blacklivesmatter and protesters just like they did with us. Even if you can't protest or donate, stay vocal, stay loud, and condem bigotry.

Nothing will change if we don't.

bord in my garden

(house sparrow)

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The Art of Howl’s Moving Castle (2004 art book)

Ingredients of a Snufkin:

1. yearning

2. gremlin

3. uh huh you know what it is; green and yellow, green and yellow

4. a beep beep tin sandwich

5. blisters from long long long long lonely walks

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fields and flowers

Plants I was taking about in that last post. I really hope they stay looking this good, but the we'll see.

Not gonna lie, Merengue suits me very much and I love it!

The quiz itself

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ah. got raymond. guess that makes sense. i AM gay & depressed and dress dapper, thats true. im not aloof at all tho.

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i love beau,,, this is pre accurate though! if i had acnh i would make it cottagecore-themed with a few cafes here n there

take a seat! we have MOSS to discuss